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Compare Naples, Florida Home Buyers Vs Traditional Agent Listing

Whether you currently reside in a seller’s or buyer’s market, it’s a good idea to explore all your options before you sell your house. We invite you to compare Naples, Florida, home buyers versus a traditional agent listing. We’ve provided the following table to help consider your options.

PointsSelling with Real Estate AgentsSelling To An InvestorSOLD To Real Options & Investments LLC
Commissions / Fees           Up to 6% paid by the sellerSellers still need to use MLS to attract traditional investors, which means an agent and paying commissionNone
Who Pays Closing Costs?The seller pays up to 2%Typically, the investorWe pay closing costs.
Inspection & Financing Contingency*Sales sometimes fall through, so this is required.There is typically an inspection, but not a financing contingencyThere’s no need.
Appraisal Needed           Often a sale requires an appraisal.An investor typically doesn’t require an appraisalWe don’t need an appraisal as we make cash offers.
Average Days Until SoldOn average, 91 days.Usually quicker than a traditional listing, but slower than Real Options and InvestmentsYou will receive an immediate cash offer.
Number of ShowingsIt depends on interestIt depends on interestOne To Real Options and Investments
Closing DateAbout 30-60 days after you accept an offerLess than a month, sometimes quickerYou choose the date, but it could be as soon as 7 days
Who Pays For Repairs?Negotiated, but typically the sellerTypically, the investor, or no oneWe pay for all repairs.

Looking at the Numbers and You See the Real Benefits

Look at the numbers comparing Naples, Florida, home buyers to a local agent. It is clear why many homeowners choose us. While we can’t offer you the full retail value of your house, we can provide a fair price. We use our evaluation criteria to determine the price.

In addition to a fair price, we also offer other benefits when you sell your house to us. If you need to sell your house fast, compare selling your house to a Naples, Florida, home buyer versus using a traditional listing. 

From a Fair Offer to Close and Cash in Hand in as Little as Seven Days

Fast is the name of the game when you sell your house to us. We will schedule an appointment to view the house when we receive your information. We will evaluate the property and decide if we want to make an offer or not.

If we make an offer and you accept, we will begin the closing process. The process can be completed as quickly as seven days from start to finish. If you don’t need a fast closing, you can choose a date. Sometimes, the closing can be even faster, depending on the situation.

Stop Worrying About Repairs and Cleaning Your Home for Buyers

With a traditional listing, you can spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money getting your house ready for listing and viewing. Once it’s listed, you have to continue to maintain a spotless space. All that work doesn’t account for repairs.

When you sell your house to a Naples, Florida, home buyer, those concerns are a thing of the past. We buy your house in as-is condition. We don’t care how ugly it is and aren’t worried about maintaining a pristine space. You won’t have to pay for an appraisal or worry about an inspection.  

Stop Worrying about Paying Pesky Closing Fees

The seller pays a portion of the closing fees with a traditional real estate transaction. When you sell your home to a Naples, Florida, home buyer, we pay the closing costs.

When you sell your house to Real Options & Investments, there are no hidden fees or costs. We use a reputable local titling company for the closing process and cover all costs.

Get a Fair All-Cash Offer for Your Home Today

Are you ready to give a Naples, Florida, home buyer a chance to buy your house? Complete a simple form on our website or call us to submit your information. When we receive your information, we will make an appointment with you to view your property.

Contact us today to receive your all-cash offer to purchase your house. While it won’t be a full retail offer, it will be fair for you and us. Get your offer today and close fast!

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