Frequently Asked Questions – Naples, Florida Home Buyers

If you’re considering selling your home to Naples, Florida, home buyers, you likely have questions you’d like answered. We’ve compiled Naples, Florida, home buyers’ frequently asked questions to get you the information you need to make the best decision.

Will you be listing my Naples, Florida house on the MLS or buying it?

Most people know how a traditional real estate deal works, including listing on the MLS. But we aren’t real estate agents, so we don’t handle selling your home the same way. We don’t list your home; we buy it from you. We pay an all-cash price based on the condition of your house.

You will not have to worry about things like appraisals or showings. We buy your home as-is, so you get cash in your pocket faster.

Do you pay fair prices for properties in Naples, Florida?

If you expect retail value for your home, we aren’t the team to help you. However, if you want a quick sale with a fair price that benefits you and us, then working with us might be the way to go.

When we decide our buying price based on our criteria, we make the offer within 24 hours of visiting the property. You choose whether to accept our offer or try other options. If you accept our offer, you can often have a fair cash price in your pocket within the week. Contact us today if you want to sell your house fast in Naples, Florida.

How do you determine the price for my house in Naples, Florida?

We aren’t like traditional real estate agents, and we don’t rely on appraisals and inspections for our valuation of your house. Because we don’t rely on appraisals, your fees have been cut. Instead of the traditional appraisal process, we use our own criteria to determine the value of your house.

First, we look at the location. Location is key to any offer you receive, and different locations have different core real estate values.

Next, we will look at the condition of your house. We purchase your home in as-is condition, but the number of repairs we may need to make will affect the price we are willing to offer for your house. We will also look at comparable home prices to determine if we are on track for value.

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Are there any fees or commissions to work with you to sell my house in Naples, Florida?

You are likely aware that a traditional real estate transaction requires inspections and appraisals. In addition to those fees, commissions are paid to the listing agent and the selling agent. There can be fees for listing the house on the MLS and other fees.

Since we aren’t real estate agents, you don’t face those fees when you work with us. We provide you with an all-cash offer. Because you aren’t dealing with real estate agents, appraisers, or lenders, you don’t have any hidden fees. You also won’t have the costs of repairs upfront, which can sometimes save you thousands of dollars. We don’t collect commission either; we pay you cash, so no listing and no work warrants a commission.  

How are you different from a real estate agent?

Most people only have experience with traditional real estate agents. We aren’t real estate agents, so our process is different. For starters, we evaluate your house based on our criteria. You won’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars getting the house ready to sell because we don’t care what it looks like; we purchase homes in as-is condition.

There is no waiting on lenders or inspection contingencies when you work with us. If your house meets our criteria, we will provide you with an all-cash offer, usually within 24 hours of viewing the property. When you work with us, you get your money quickly. We handle the paperwork and the fees. You can breathe easier knowing your house is selling fast.

Is there any obligation when I submit my info to sell my house in Naples, Florida?

When you submit your information, it permits us to contact you regarding evaluating your house. That’s all it does. You are in control of this process and under no obligation to accept any offers we make.

Our process is straightforward, and you will know what to expect with each step. Once you submit your information, we will contact you regarding an appointment to view your property. We will then decide if your house meets our criteria, and if it does, we will give you an all-cash offer to purchase the property. You are not obligated to accept our offer; whether we work together is entirely up to you.

We hope this FAQ for Real Options & Investments answers your questions. If you have any others, please contact us, and we will gladly explain our process to you more fully.

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