3 Ways to Make a Quick Home Sale in Sarasota

3 Ways to Make a Quick Home Sale in Sarasota

3 Ways to Make a Quick Home Sale in Sarasota

Selling a house is a time-consuming process. Even in a hot seller’s market, like Sarasota, FL, it takes around two months or more to sell a home. If you receive an offer within days, the entire process from listing to closing still takes several months. This time doesn’t include the time taken to prep the home with decluttering, cleaning, painting, upgrading, and staging. Those steps can add several more weeks to complete the process.

You may be wondering, “Does that mean I can’t sell my house fast in Sarasota, FL?” But regardless of why you’re selling the home in a hurry, several options are available to complete a quick sale. Let’s explore the different ways to sell a house fast in Sarasota, FL, without waiting months to complete the process.

Sell Your Home for Cash

The most time-consuming process during a home sale is to wait for the lender to approve the buyer’s mortgage. This process adds an average of 50 days to the home-selling process. So, even if you get a buyer offer immediately, you’ll have to wait around two months for the buyer’s mortgage to go through.

When you sell to a cash home buyer in Sarasota, FL, there’s no lender involved in the process. As a result, you can complete the transaction within a few weeks without waiting for the lender. In a cash sale, the lender is not part of the process because the real estate investor pays the entire amount by dipping into their cash reserves.

Complete a Short Sale

One of the main reasons why homeowners hope to sell their houses fast is because they’re struggling financially or emotionally. Some common reasons homeowners go for a quick sale are the death of a spouse, the possibility of a foreclosure, bankruptcy, pending liens, and a messy divorce.

If you’re facing any of these situations, a short sale can help you avoid the risk of losing your home entirely. Short selling happens when your lender agrees to let you sell the house for lesser than what you owe on it. You can opt for a short sale if you’re trying to prevent the risk of getting evicted from your home. That said, keep in mind that it takes extra time to finalize a short sale. So, selling it for cash is often the better choice if you’re hoping for a fast, hassle-free sale.

Sell It on Your Own

It’s possible to sell your home without hiring an agent. You can choose for sale by owner (FSBO) if you already have a buyer interested in your home, like a friend, neighbor, colleague, or relative. You can negotiate a deal with the buyer and hire a lawyer to help finalize the paperwork.

There you have it! Those are three easy ways to sell a house fast in Sarasota, FL, without hiring a realtor. Consider the pros and cons of each option, analyze your financial situation, and choose an option that offers you maximum returns with minimum hassles.

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