7 Must-Have Documents to Sell a House in Florida

7 Must-Have Documents to Sell a House in Florida

Selling a house is an expensive, time-consuming process. Often, first-time home sellers are surprised by the sheer amount of documentation and paperwork. If you’re hoping to sell a house fast in Port Charlotte, FL, knowing the documents required for the process can help you prepare ahead of time. Though this list isn’t exhaustive, we list the top documents you need to make a quick sale.

Mortgage Documentation

When you sell your home, you must provide the mortgage paperwork. This document shows the current amount you owe to the lender and other related charges. The payoff amount is the balance you owe to the lender and is different from the current balance. You can get the mortgage documentation by contacting your lender.

Mandatory Disclosures

Disclosures are legal documents that inform potential buyers about any issues with the home. The list of disclosures varies from state to state. In Florida, sellers are required to provide the following:

  • Radon gas report
  • Lead-based paint disclosure
  • Potential for the erosion of coastal properties
  • Information about the mandatory membership of condos and apartments for the homeowner’s association
  • Property tax summaries

You also have to provide disclosures related to the presence of environmental toxins, asbestos, violent crimes on the property, and any other legal disputes.

Original House Deed

To sell the home, you must provide the original house deed you received during the purchase. If you have lost or misplaced the deed, you can visit your local recorder’s office and request a copy. Some offices make it possible to download a copy of the house deed online for a fee. Alternatively, you can request the original title company for a copy or hire third-party deed retrieval services to handle the job.

Property Tax Documentation

You’ll also need access to the latest documentation and receipts confirming the payment of federal and state property taxes. Buyers often request a copy of the recent tax bill to understand how much they’ll have to pay as property taxes.

Proof of Homeowners Insurance

While this is not mandatory, providing a copy of homeowners insurance helps buyers get a clear picture of the various damages and repairs done on the house over the years. It also helps potential buyers estimate how much they’ll have to pay for the insurance once they purchase the property.

Proof of Personal Identity

With the increase in real estate scams, most buyers request you to provide official documentation to verify your identity. You can use a driver’s license or other state-issued certification photo cards to establish your identity.

Sale Agreement

Another crucial document that you must provide is the sale agreement. The seller’s real estate agent draws up this agreement with the buyer’s attorney or agent. This document contains all the details about the transaction, including the earnest money, closing terms, tax information, disclosures, and the final sale price.

Avoid the Hassles of Complicated Paperwork with a Cash Sale

You can skip the bureaucracy and paperwork by selling your house directly to a cash home buyer in Port Charlotte, FL. Cash buyers handle all the paperwork on your behalf, helping you reduce the headaches associated with a traditional listing. Depending on your situation, a cash sale might be even more profitable. Request a free cash offer today to get an estimate, and choose the right method that works for you.

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