How to Sell an Ugly House in Naples, Florida

Sell an Ugly House in Naples, Florida

Although appearances aren’t everything, they can make or break a first impression when you’re trying to sell a house fast in Naples, FL. Even though your home is generally in good shape, some aspects that you may think set it apart or add to its charm could put off potential buyers. You may be used to your home’s quirks, but now is the time for some blunt advice on how to sell an unattractive house. The following are some tactics to help with the sale.

Focus on the Best Elements of Your Home

The best thing you can do when trying to sell an ugly house is to highlight its positive aspects. Try to highlight any new or renovated features in the home. If pricey components like a roof or other essential systems have been changed, it is always a bonus for purchasers. You can also draw attention to any unique features the house possesses. Mention the oak floors, solid wood internal doors, and built-ins.

Fix Things If You Can

What you can change before advertising your house depends on your price point and budget. If you can fix minor damage to your home, it can be worth it. A slight aesthetic upgrade can hasten the selling and increase the value of your home. You can also take out around half of your possessions from the residence. To make staging less intimidating, splurge on small items in complementary colors to your own. Remove window coverings, particularly thick drapes, to let in the maximum light.

Be Transparent While Selling Your House

Don’t downplay the obvious issues when giving potential buyers a tour. Being upfront and honest about the house’s shortcomings is essential because there is no way to disguise the fact that you are selling an unsightly home. You should let potential purchasers know if there are any issues with the foundation, water damage, unfinished construction, a leaky roof, mold, code violations, or if the house is stuffed with your belongings.

Value Your Home Fairly

To prevent house pricing errors, set a competitive price for your home. Subtract the projected cost of repairs from the home’s current valuation to determine how much your house is worth. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes while determining the repair cost. After that, make a price decision while keeping the buyer in mind.

Call the Home Buyers Today

A cash home buyer is your best bet if there is no means to sell your ugly house. No matter how well-maintained or in need of repair your home is, these investors will buy it for cash. You don’t have to do repairs and renovations, submit loan refinancing applications, or take pictures of your home’s best characteristics. Cash purchasers like Real Options & Investments LLC will close the deal without needing anything from you. We buy houses in Naples, FL, as-is and provide a fair and competitive price in line with the market value of your home.

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